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Jan 08 2011


I haven’t written in a while, but the weeks fly when you’re busy. As I mentioned in a prior post, I had a rough first year of teaching and although quitting never really crossed my mind, there were mornings where driving off a bridge seemed quite appealing. There was (and still is) a playlist on my IPod simply entitled “school” and most of the songs on it were ones that I listened to solely on that dreary daily commute into work. As a hardened second-year vet, I look back on the songs on the list with a mixture of fascination and shudders, but here’s some of those songs, in the hope that they might help some teacher somewhere push on through these difficult winter months. The list is…diverse, but that’s music!
Bruce Springsteen – Factory (a sorrowful tune about the dangers and weariness of blue-collar work; while the content may not…

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Oct 12 2010

The Politics of Race

NOTE: This is an entry I began writing a few weeks ago, but just rediscovered/finished now… Although I neglected to keep a written record of my experiences as a first-year teacher, certain memories stick in my mind that will remain there for the long haul. Among these is the time, about two months into last…

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Pride is such a powerful and definitive emotion, yet the process by which it comes about is perplexing at best, and unexplainable at worst. I want to focus this post on school pride and its alarming absence in so many schools. While I can’t articulate why pride happens, I have some thoughts on why it…

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Sep 15 2010

A new year calls for a new blog…

Like so many of the items on my to-do list during my first year of teaching, my writing in this blog never quite worked itself out. Despite this, I often came here, using other people’s words as a crutch to limp on after those particularly rough days in the classroom. I suppose I sought some…

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